Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Space Invader

Jack has a special skill of kicking me out of my own bed.  He sleeps in his bed, but about once a week he comes quietly into our room and cuddles in next to me with out making a sound. He's stealthy, and before I know it I'm asleep. But then I wake up overheating because I am sandwiched between my husband, Ryan, and Jack.  The photo above show how he slowly keeps moving across the bed, ending up taking the whole bed!



Jessie said...

What a great title! SO cute!!

Linda said...

Cute scrapbook pages! I don't scrapbook anymore, but you have me thinking that I should go back through some of my albums and showcase some of my favorite pages. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stephanie said...

Lovely pages, Mel! I'm glad you got some crafty time in!